AstroTalk is a tech platform that connects consumers to astrologers for Horoscope reading, Kundali Analysis, Online prayers, and more. Puneet Gupta and Anmol Jain founded AstroTalk in 2017.

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AstroTalk on Monday announced that it has raised $20 Million in series A by US venture capital firm Left Lane Capital. It said that it will use the fund to expand in the International market, Hire people at the senior level, and solidify the new business verticals.

The current headcount in the organization is 200 and with funds coming in, the headcount will go up soon.

Astrotalk registered an annual recurring revenue of approx. 800 cr in 2023 – 2024 and more than 100% YoY growth in the last 3 years.

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$1.6 Million pre-seeds raised by SocialCrowd as investors’ interest in software development remains high

Socialcrowd a performance management platform raised $1.8 Million as a pre-seed by Bread and Butter Ventures as per the news from Techcrunch.

Image Credits: Raphael Akinsipe and TechCrunch

Socialcrowd was launched in 2020 and is a Performance Management Software where the company sets a target for an employee, Upon achievement of the target certain rewards are offered.

The Socialcrowd will use the Pre-seed funds to expand their business and for customer acquisition.

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