Socialization Tech platform and community-driven social networking platform Oapar Club has raised INR 50 Lakhs from the startup community PedalStart along with Paper Arizona co-founder Ankit Jain. The funding was the maiden pre-seed funding for the Oopar club.

The Oopar Club announced in a press release that it will use the funding to update its technology and platform. It aims to expand its user base and acquire talent. Additionally, the club plans to foster overall organizational growth and build its team. Moreover, enhancing its technological capabilities is also a priority.

Sagar Agarwal, Pragya Srivastava, and Sourabh Akash founded the community in 2022. They established the platform to create a community-driven space. The space will enable adults can make genuine friends by connecting and bonding with like-minded individuals. They aim to maximize personal growth through these connections.

Based in Bengaluru, the startup focuses on addressing the problem of loneliness and stagnant growth among middle-aged individuals or city residents away from their homes and family circles. It actively seeks to alleviate these challenges through its services and initiatives. The community focuses on middle-aged people residing in tier 1 and tier 2 cities in India.

Oopar’s app is presently accessible on both Android and iOS platforms. The app incentivizes users to engage in social activities and maintain healthy habits consistently. Its primary competition lies within local clubs and communities. The aim is to organize the unorganized segment effectively.

Speaking about the association with PedalStart, the founders stated that PedalStart, as our Accelerator, has aided in iterating the business model. It has also assisted us in identifying and overcoming challenges in advance.

About PedalStart

PedalStart is a platform dedicated to solving a single major problem statement in the ecosystem: building startup founders. It achieves this by assisting founders in developing their startup ideas with support from ex-entrepreneurs, successful startup founders, domain experts, and angel investors. The team at PedalStart prioritizes real-life experiences over traditional theoretical knowledge to empower startup founders. Moreover, boasting over 40,000 startups on the wishlist, 20,000 hours of one-to-one brainstorming completed, 300+ mentors, 1200+ house discussions, and 2000+ founders developing ideas, PedalStart has been transforming big ideas into high-potential businesses since 2021.

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