What is the Twitter’s new Feature ‘ For You’?

‘For You’ Feature is a typical kind of suggestion given by the twitter  based on the common interest of tweet of the people, whom they don’t follow. In addition to the tweets from people they follow. Before this twitter had used this feature in the past but had rolled out after a backlash from some of the users. Undoubtedly, Twitter is following the path of TikTok- which has started pushing the content to the user based on their interest. Which helps them with getting huge popularity and more hour of Engagement Time.

Twitter Image

Elon Musk’s company now displays both algorithmic and chronological feeds side by side. Swiping on their phone screens allows users to switch between them. To switch between “Home” and “Latest” timelines, users had to tap on the sparkle icon in the top right corner. Twitter’s latest change is justified by the fact that users can now easily switch between the renamed “For You” and “Following” timelines.

The Twitter has only rolled out the update for iOS users so far. But no one know when it will be available for android users, Or if the company will once again reverse it’s decision. It’s worth noticing that how it is going to affect third party client like ‘Tweetbot‘ which still shows tweet in chronological order.